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Community Standards

This is an interim set of Lix Community Standards, to be reviewed and revised further when the governance process is further along. These standards are in force and will be enforced until that time.

The following are principles and do not in any way limit the authority of the interim community team to remove anyone for any kind of behaviour deleterious to the community. We generally will speak with people to deescalate and help them be excellent members of our community before applying consequences. Patterns of deleterious behaviour will tend to lead to exclusion from the community.


  • We want to model our expected social norms at every level of leadership in the project.
    • We want to avoid creating unnecessary social hierarchy and avoid unaccountable positions in the project.
    • These expectations apply to everyone in the project including the core team and the interim community team.
  • The Lix community is significantly comprised of people of various marginalised backgrounds. We are committed to protecting these people and providing a safe environment for them.
    • If you are of a less-marginalised background, keep in mind that you are a guest in our spaces but are nonetheless welcome. Think of it like staying at a friend's place where they might have different cultural customs; you may have to do things a little bit differently.
  • We want to build leadership in community members and help them grow.
  • Technology is neither neutral nor apolitical. We consider how decisions affect different groups of people, and how they may create power dynamics or other consequences.
  • Impact is more important than intent.
  • The Lix project exists in an ecosystem of related projects and does not gain from antagonism towards other projects.
  • We want to create a space that has effective communication. We want to choose to talk through our problems.
    • We want to foster collaborative discussion in place of competitive debate: we strongly encourage trying to see from others' viewpoint and working collaboratively to reach a common understanding.
  • We want to treat everyone with humanity and understanding: everyone can have bad days, and sometimes the best thing is to take a break from the computer.

Hard lines

The following are hard lines for which we will likely ban on sight. These are not intended as an encompassing set of things that will not be tolerated, but rather as things that we promise will not be in our community. This can extend to patterns of behaviour outside our spaces.

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not tolerate discrimination such as racism, sexism, transmisia, pluralphobia, ableism or other sorts of discrimination; we do not tolerate unwelcome sexual advances, stalking, harassment or doxing.

We do not tolerate peddling right-wing ideology, including but not limited to fascism, denying discrimination exists, and other such things.

We do not tolerate concern trolling, sealioning, and starting bad faith arguments.

Spamming and crypto scams will not be tolerated.


We encourage working through conflicts privately with involved parties, but we are here to help if that is not possible.

If you wish to contact a member of the interim community team about a concern, consider contacting one of the following people:

  • ktemkin (
  • jade (
  • qyriad (
  • hexchen (
  • lunaphied (