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The Lix repository contains multiple releases in parallel. The branches work as follows:

  • main. This contains major tags (except for 2.90 because of an early branch-off. We might fix that manually?), and is for the next major version of the software. This is where new development typically happens.
  • release-*. These contain tags for *.0 and further minor releases on a major release. We generally try to not backport things, since we would much rather get another major release out. (subject to revision; we would really like to not have LTS releases, but distro may make us do it?). These branches are development branches for a given release after it is released.
  • (suggestion?) stable-* - Branch which is always pointed at the latest tag in that given major version.

Version types

  • Full release, e.g. 2.90.0. This is a snapshot of HEAD that we believe is stable for release and that we have fully performed out-of-tree validation on.
  • Beta release, e.g. 2.90.0-beta.1. This is something that we would consider running in more or less any environment, given that we all run HEAD ourselves. This is an arbitrarily selected snapshot of HEAD that we are deciding to produce installers for, and is not special.
  • Release candidate, e.g. 2.90.0-rc1. This is something that we would just release but it needs a bit more out-of-tree validation.

Git tags

Git tags are created with the format 2.90.0.

Docker tags

  • latest - The latest minor version of the latest major version
  • 2.90 and similar - The latest minor version of the 2.90 major release.
  • 2.90.0 - Exactly 2.90.0.